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Solar Panels

The costs of solar panel roof installation have dropped substantially in recent years. Installing these panels can be a a great investment to save money and also increase the value of your home …. as well as saving the environment of course. Consider the points below and then call DDR for a free advisory discussion, personalised to meet your requirements.

How much does solar roof panels installation cost?

The cost various depending on the size of your rooftop, electricity requirements, the type of panel. Also there are a variety of incentives and rebates to compensate homeowners for the solar power they produce, which helps in offsetting the initial investment cost.

Benefits of solar panel roof installation

  • Financial - reduction in electricity bills & income from feeding electricity into the grid.
  • Adding value to your home - great ‘value-add’ to potential buyers for reduced energy bills.
  • Low maintenance - no mechanical or moving parts to break or fail and run smoothly with simply annual cleaning.
  • Easy installation - the panels don’t require wires or power sources and are easy to install
  • Free independent reliable energy source as it is independent and free to use once installed
  • No harmful wastes or emissions - the panels generate zero carbon dioxide or any other heat-trapping gases.

Install a battery storage system

Maximise the use of your generated electricity with battery storage and back-up from DDR Electrical serving across North Yorkshire. This will charge whilst your panels are operating using the free electricity. The batteries will boost your supply at times when you have high usage and later in the day when your pv system is no longer generating enough electricity. Therefore you will use less electricity from the grid and save money at the same time.

Reduce your carbon footprint

An average system (4kW) would reduce your carbon footprint by approximately 1650kg per year.