DDR Electrical Ltd


Does your home have a lot of electrical appliances and complicated setups? At your workplace, do you have a network of alarms, computer systems, heating and ventilation that needs maintaining?

DDR Electrical offer a full range of building installation and maintenance services as we are fully qualified to assist in the smooth running of your electrics, whether for your home or for a commercial property to ensure everything ticks along safely and effectively. We are proud to say that no matter the number of electrical services you need, you can keep everything maintained under one roof with DDR Electrical. We cover all services no matter how big or small.

What DDR Electrical can do for you

A building maintenance service from DDR Electrical is designed to ensure that your air conditioning, heating and ventilation units and other electrical equipment remain in optimal condition. Combined with periodic servicing and testing, the service helps you as a business owner ensure that you comply with government legislation and protect your staff and premises.

We can provide a service package that is tailored to your individual circumstances, and this can include emergency cover and testing. This type of cover is designed to keep your business up and running at the time you need help most. Regular testing and certification will ensure that you avoid paying penalties. Just when and how often this takes place depends upon the types of installation you have, the environment in which you work and the amount of use your systems have.

When you are looking for a building maintenance service, DDR Electrical are a provider you can rely on for years to come. We will work to understand your needs for the particular type of commercial or industrial environment you operate in, and you can trust us that we will meet or exceed the latest industry guidelines and specifications, keep up with the latest training and technology and be easy to communicate with at all time.